Touch in

Don’t Touch on,

with your health and well-being


TrainStop is a corporate health and wellness provider. We offer immersive and highly tailored health and wellness programs for your company.

With productivity in the workplace on the decline and mental health issues on the incline, TrainStop is here to improve your employee’s health and wellness through a holistic approach to our training.

Most corporate health providers focus on the physical health of their clients but here at TrainStop, we believe employee’s mental health is just as important, if not more important.

It’s because of this that we offer not just tailored physical training for your company but mental health and wellbeing training as well.


More than ever the need for healthy employees (physically and mentally) is of paramount importance.

Employees are seeing record increases in Stress Depression Lack of physical activity Anxiety

and the list goes on…

So what effect does this have on your company?

Well stats tell us that this usually results in the following…

  • Decreased productivity in the workplace

  • Decreased employee retention

  • Increased training costs associated with training new staff

  • Increased employee dissatisfaction


Trainstop corporate health & wellness provider
We know your company probably already has health and wellness systems in place for your employees… Maybe its an app, you might offer free weekly yoga videos or maybe you’ve given them an at-home fitness plan to follow that your PT connection has hooked you up with.
Whatever it is, we can guarantee it’s not as immersive and results-driven as TrainStop’s “Touch In Program”.

Don’t believe us?

Well try it for two weeks completely free and let your employees and your company reap the rewards as a result.